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Table 1 Personal gear checklist for the healthcare provider in an early response medical humanitarian mission

From: Preparation of medical personnel for an early response humanitarian mission – lessons learned from the Israeli defense forces field hospital in the Philippines

Item Details
Sandals For shower and off-duty time
Toiletries 1. Towels
2. Soap, shampoo
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Shaving kit and scissors
5. Toilet paper for the first 3 days
6. Female hygienic products
Sleeping equipment 1. Sleeping bag (may need to be waterproof)
2. Personal Tent
3. Bed linen
4. Inflatable mattress
5. Pillow
Head light + batteries At least 2 sets of batteries
Communication device (cell phone) + charger + international wall plug pre-departure arrangements of an appropriate program with the mobile company are recommended
Camera Can be part of the communication device
General supply Pens, pencils, notebooks, marker (to mark your equipment),umbrella
Personal medical equipment 1. Stethoscope, surgical eye loops etc
2. Personal prescription medication
3. Contraception
4. Copy of medical diploma
Specialized medical equipment In case certain gear requested will not be supplied by the delegation
Musical instrument Optional