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Table 1 life support elements addressed in training

From: Naval casualty management training using human patient simulators

Advanced trauma life support elements Medical (non trauma) elements Technical elements Pharmacological elements
Airway management Arrhythmias Loss of electrical power supply Management of sedation
Tension pneumothorax Anaphylaxis Use of adjunct devices – NGT, Foley catheter, intercostal drain Fluid and blood product resuscitation
Blast injuries Hypothermia Ventilator malfunction/disconnection Toxic gas inhalation (CO, CN)
Electrocution (leading to VF, rhabdomyolysis) Management of the severe burns patient   
Head Injury Supportive (i.e. nursing) care   
Smoke inhalation Prolonged care of the casualty in the absence of immediate evacuation (all sessions lasted 3.5 hours).