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Table 4 Grief study following the GEJE

From: Mental health and psychological impacts from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster: a systematic literature review

Citation (reference no.) Sample type (location) N Data collectiona Findings Risk factors of outcome(s)
Tsutsui et al. [58] Hospital workers (tsunami-affected area) 82 8 months 9.8 %, ICG ≥ 25
29.3 %, IES-R ≥ 25
37.8 %, CES-D ≥ 16
Prolonged grief disorder in qualitatively distinct from PTSD and major depressive disorder
  1. GEJE Great East Japan Earthquake, ICG Inventory of Complicated Grief, IES-R impact of events-revised, CES-D Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale
  2. aCross-sectional studies unless otherwise noted