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Table 1 Disaster management teams and tasks in the ER-HQ of the Japanese Government

From: Case study of medical evacuation before and after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident in the great east Japan earthquake

Group of teams Team Tasks
A: Integration teams A1 Integration of real-time situations
A2 Tactics building and analysis
A3 Meeting and public relations
B: Information teams B1 Integration of information
B2 Information sharing
B3 Reporting of collected information
C: Operation teams C1 Integration of operations
C2 Response
C3 Transportation
C4 Logistics
C5 Medical transportation
C6 Reception of international aid
C7 Sheltering and evacuation
C8 Infrastructure and life lines
D: General affairs D1 Integration of general affairs
D2 Distribution of food and nutritional supplements
D3 Publicity
D4 General affairs and communication
D5 Dispatch of government persons