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Fig. 7

From: The search for the best infantry boot

Fig. 7

Graphic presentation of the foot lesions in Fig. 6 according to their anatomic location. HWIB indicates the hot weather infantry boot, NDIB indicates the new design infantry boot. Areas classified were (left to right): plantar 5th toe, plantar 2nd to 4th toe, plantar 1st toe, plantar metatarsal heads 2–5, plantar 1st metatarsal head, medial bunion, plantar midfoot, arch, plantar heel, lateral malleolus, anterior ankle, medial malleolus, upper forefoot, upper 2nd to 5th metatarsals, upper 1st metatarsal, upper 5th toe, upper 2nd to 4th toe, upper 1st toe, upper and lower Achilles tendon

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