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Table 1 Specifications of military boots worn in trials

From: The search for the best infantry boot

Specification HWIB NDIB
Weight pair boot (gm) 1800 (size 45) 2000 (size 45)
Height (cm, at posterior) 24 22
Inner layer material Polyurethane Rubber
Durometer inner layer sole 50-75 Shore A 30-40 Shore A
Outer layer sole material Rubber Vibram Sierra Rubber
Durometer outer layer sole 70-80 shore A 50-60 Shore A
Upper leather thickness 2.0 to 2.2 mm single layer-(soft) 2.5 Single layer (hard)
Upper breathable material 1000 Denier nylon Nylon mesh
Pairs lace closure eyelets 2 4
Pairs lace slide hooks 6 Speed hooks 4 Open hooks
Insole Removable polyurethane Removable polyurethane
Waterproof No No
Toe cap Plastic toe cap Plastic toe cap