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Table 2 Cumulative HWIB damage observed on inspections at 10, 19 and 64 weeks of training

From: The search for the best infantry boot

Affected area Problem No. of boots affected
Hind foot area over Achilles tendon Severely abraded or torn 3 (1.2 %)
Problems involving lace holder (lateral or medial) Severely abraded or torn 5 (2 %)
Problems with upper including tear not specified above Severely abraded or torn 37 (15 %)
Inner lining Torn 1 (0.4 %)
Anterior sole Split between rubber and PU (delamination) 9 (4 %)
Problems with anterior or posterior part of upper-sole interface Most of stitches torn or clear separation present between upper and sole 110 Anterior
79 Posterior
(45 %, 32 %)
Total areas of damage Any 244 (100 %)
Total pairs of boots examined   174
Total pairs of boots with damage Any pair with severe damage in at least one boot 106 (61 %)
  1. Percentage relates to total types of damage (244) and not to total boots with damage, as some boots had more than one type of severe damage