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Table 1 Topics and sessions presented in the IPRED IV conference

From: Learning lessons in emergency management: the 4th International Conference on Healthcare System Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters

No. Topic Sessions
1. Emergency preparedness & response Controversies in emergency & disaster management
Advanced research in disaster management
Ethics in emergencies and disasters
Lessons learned from recent emergencies and disasters
Holistic approach to emergency preparedness
Military and civilian collaboration
Emerging CBRNe threats
Emergency management & sheltering of animals
2. Emergency medicine Emergency medicine in mass gatherings
Trauma management
Trauma management + preparedness in specific circumstances & populations
Triage systems and mechanisms during disasters
3. Managing public health and biological risks Disease outbreaks and epidemics prevention and control
Epidemiology and public health
Managing the Ebola crisis
4. Disaster nursing The role of nurses in disaster management
Emergencies and disaster nursing
5. Resources Managing blood resources during emergencies
Social networks and volunteering
Critical infrastructure resilience: threats, vulnerabilities, cascading effects & interdependencies
Utilizing social media in emergency management
6. Training & education Medical education and training
Simulation tools in triage
Emergency medicine education
Multi-level exercises: “how-to” session
Multi-professional capacity building
7. Logistics Logistic management of emergencies & disasters
Novel technologies in emergency & disaster medicine
Technological innovations in emergency management
8. International humanitarian assistance International humanitarian action
Promoting emergency preparedness by international organizations
Humanity in treating refugees & migrants
9. Planning & Leadership Models of healthcare emergency planning
Quality assurance of disaster preparedness
Tools & models in emergency response
10. Mental health and well-being of individuals & communities Managing acute stress reactions
Promoting population and systems’ resilience