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Table 2 Staffing requirements 10 bed facility*

From: Toward a US Army Pacific (USARPAC) rapid deployment medical component in support of Human Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR) operations: challenges with “Going in Light”

1 X 61 J General Surgeon w/Trauma experience
1 X 61 M Orthopedic Surgeon
1 X 70H Planning, Admin, OIC, and dual-hatted PAO
1 X 66F Nurse Anesthetist
1 X 68Q Pharmacy Specialist
2 X 66S Critical Care Nurse w/behavioral health experience
1 X 66H Medical Surgical Nurse/trauma experience
2 X 68D OR Tech
1 X 66P Family Nurse Practitioner w/behavioral health experience
2 X 68C Practical Nursing Specialist
4 X 68 W Health Care Specialists one dual hatted for supply
1 X 68P Radiology Specialist
1 X 68 K Laboratory Specialist
19 Total
Possibly expanded to 25 other specialties per mission requirements